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What is nYbrr?

nYbrr facilitates an effortless and responsive buying and selling platform. This offers an intuitive property showing, scanning, and buying experience for agents and buyers very focused on Zipcode or neighborhood.


Hold on to your beloved property showings close to you

Help buyers with their dream property by innovating showing strategies by smartly managing brokers, buyers, and showing agents.

  • We do geographic farming to seamlessly connect buyers strategically with property sellers in a location

  • Buyer agents are comprehensive diligent fast and effective approach. We follow the fastest agent preferred first

  • With ease SCAN and ADD property & SCHEDULE appointments and SHOW properties in absence of seller.

Tactically Bridge all your Sellers, Agents, and Brokers

We are a buyers-focused showing app. To accelerate the property purchase decision process and close the deals faster our platform ecosystem 360-degree overview of the listed property with accurate details swiftly and diligently. We follow a unique technology-powered approach to robustly strategize the showing scanning and delegating processes at lower cost and with no transaction fee. We have strong and transparent agent+broker+buyer relationship management.


Why Choose nYbrr?

Here are some of the Key Strategic features of the nYbrr platform that elevates your game:

Geographic Farming

An agent can Claim a neighborhood or Zipcode so that all showing requests automatically route to the purchased agent. This way right opportunities are ensured to buyers.

List and Elevate

Scan a property and add property highlights using consistent and user-friendly icons into the application using the location data.

Data Consistency

Avoids property data redundancy and inconsistency with agent ownership. Each agent is provided ownership of each property, while other agents or buyers can only add comments about the property.

Social Presence

Permits to share sellers advertise their properties on social media to reach the target buyers.

Manage Requests

An agent can make, accept, change, and cancel showing requests for any of the properties on the NYBRR app with ease and greater efficacy.

Showing Schedule

Plan and validate showing schedules in the interest of buyers’ time and manage time efficiently. Easily locate and oversee comments and more data on the fly.

Agent-Agent Sharing

Share the app with any other agent with a single click. Each agent is availed with a distinctive sharing link. This can be used to reward the agents that get most agents to sign up in-app.

Audit Requests and Manage Timelines

An agent, the realtor, or any user using this app, is given the privilege to access the history of their showing requests and upcoming showings timelines. This allows managing the entire timeline on this app. On the other side, a buyer is provided with the ability to add and maintain notes about a property.


Property Hunt without Registration

We value your personal details. So registering on our app is not mandatory to search property. Our nYbrr platform empowers the buyer with the capability to search and explore all the properties on the app using any keyword search criteria like Zip Code number of beds number of baths house facing direction etc.

Smart Notifications

Whenever a user or agent raises a request for a showing property, a notification regarding this prospect request to show property will be diligently sent out to the agents associated with the zip code ownership, and in addition the notifications will be sent to agents who relatively match to the zip-code.

Customers About nYbrr

We always strive to deliver better customer value and experiences in the overall journey. Generating superior customer experiences is our vision. Listen to what our customers say.


Get nYbrr App

nYbrr app is available both on android and iOS as well. Download the nYbrr app directly from your android play store or Apple App Store to have a seamless property search.

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